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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning Information

 As we have seen over the past few weeks we are all learning about the Coronavirus and how it is impacting our world and communities. 

Here at Distinctive Cleaning & Maintenance Services we have always practiced cleanliness, sanitizing, and disinfecting not only within our clients homes but also the tools we work with every day.  From day one of business, it was important to set standards for safety guidleines and implement cleaning protocols for each and every time we enter a client's home.  Our commercial grade cleaning supplies are among the ACC list for use against the emerging COVID-19.  

We are closely following the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines and while recognizing these guidelines, they are already part of our daily "Cleaning Plan" for every customer while we clean and disinfect your home every visit.

I would like to say that each and every employee, including myself, have you, the customer in mind each and every time we walk into your home, and that will remain the same through these unpredictable times.  

We will keep cleaning as we always have, with impeccable standards, keeping our client's and staff healthy and safe while protecting our community, our families, and friends, and provide a safe and clean environment for all.  

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