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NoBS Cleaning Products


Does your shower floor look like this? (left) When it can look like the shower floor to the right?

What if I told you that an all natural, human friendly cleaning product is what achieved these results.  Too good to be true? NO!

NoBS scrub is the answer is to your cleaning woes and without the chemicals!

More information to come...Call for ordering 520-425-9151 or email with your order.

A little history about the development of NoBS!


I have been around the cleaning industry since I was kid.  My parents had their own cleaning business, as I have my own now, since 2007 in Tucson.

I have cleaned so many showers, sinks, and toilets, with primarily commercial grade cleaning products that remove any dirt from any surface with chemicals that I cannot imagine what they do over time.  About three years ago, I made the decision to develop my own humanly friendly (wanted to use humanly safe and the attorneys said no) cleaning product line, but work as well as the commercial cleaning chemicals. 

My eating habits abide by the rule, if you cannot pronounce then I don't eat or buy it.  Well, why should our cleaning products not be the same?  My NoBS scrub has only 4 ingredients, yes 4, all of which are easy to pronounce and safe to use.  

Two of the items in the product line (one is yet to come) can be mixed with the scrub and achieve even more amazing results!

NoBS stands for, you guessed it....No Bull S#* BS for a healthier you, no BS for a better environment, and no BS for cleaning! 


For more information on the NoBS cleaning line or to purchase products click HERE!

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