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Ensuring Safety Measures with COVID-19

I LOVE cleaning. I have for a very long time or I wouldn't be in this business. I enjoy seeing the results of all the hard work we do day in and day out, and by "we" I mean all of my team. When I decide to bring someone new on, one of the first questions I ask, is why do you want to do this? Why cleaning? It is important to know one's motivation for wanting to clean for a living. To break it down even farther, how does one feel about cleaning 6-8 toilets a day, five days a week?!

The question I ask all my potential new hires is VERY important to our current climate with COVID-19. If someone does not like to clean, or not enjoy what they do, there is potential for short cuts, missing the important details of our daily processes and protocals that ensures quality and safety measures are met.

We have always had good safety and sanitization standards in place. Clean equipment after each client, no used items from one house to another, clean mop heads and rags always, professional appearance and attitude, even the simple wearing of gloves has been practiced since conception.

The products we use have always been commercial grade; peroxide base, destroying viruses including HIV, SARS, Mersa, and now the coronavirus plus many more. I have made it a point of giving my clients the best that I know of with the best results. My team is amazing, trained the same way, following a program called The First Forty, that includes The First Five, assesment tests, feedback and consistent note taking; learning proper disinfection techniques. With best work practices in place we minimize risks associated with infectious agents like the novel coronavirus. A successful group of employees is a solid back bone to this company.

Again, how does that relate to COVID-19? With a solid team who has been educated on cleaning processes and policies this ensures safety measures while cleaning. Training inlcudes consistent communication and updates to the team. DCMS has a Wellness Page dedicated to doing just that. All the employees use this page for training, learning, sharing, and bringing new information to the table as well as focusing on our own health and wellness during this stressful time. Many who work here, have their own families and want to ensure the safety of them as well.

With so many peices to this puzzle, we do not know for sure, when it will begin to come together, rest assured we are taking all safety measures to ensure your experience with DCMS cleaning with be the best.

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