Before & After Photos


One of the most rewarding aspects of this business is "seeing"

our work when it's done.

 Here are some of the things we see when we start and the "reward"

for what we have accomplished.

Calcium On Shower Walls
Calcium is Tucson's nemisis!
Calcium Free Tiles
We have the "hidden secret" to cleaning those tiles.
Shower Door with Calcium
Can't see through your shower glass?
Now you Can!
Calcium Free shower doors!
Mold & Mildew taking over?
Mold creeping in?
Mold & Mildew NO More!
There's not a shower that we can't take on!
Dirty Grout?
Small grout areas can be cleaned by hand. We can take those small jobs on!
Clean Grout!
These small tile areas, whether be in a kitchen, bathroom, or entry way can be cleaned with a small grout brush and chemicals without the use of a machine.
I can't see through these doors!
Shower doors need extra attention. Let us pay them some!
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Look see through glass doors!
Don't replace your shower doors, let us clean them! Save your money!
Commercial Office Sink Before
Even after years of build problem!
Commercial Sink After
We can make anything look brand new!
Old 70's Tub
These tubs can be cumbersome to clean because they are so old
70"s Tub Looking New
Even thes tubs can look brand new again
Dirty Shower pan
Shower pans can get dirty and greasy in a couple weeks. Don't let that happen!
Clean Shower Pan
Not when we can keep them looking this white!
Vent in Bathroom
During a move out clean we removed the vent cover in the bathroom....not a lot of possible circulation with that kind of build up. Make sure yours are clean!
Floor under stove
Move out's require moving all appliances. When was the last time your's were moved and cleaned? Let us do that for you!
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"Dori Stolmaker knows cleaning. Her staff is professional and committed to using products that work to clean your house."

Kersten Kremer

"Excellent, a high level of service.  Dori is timely on her cleans, communicates well, and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Just very pleased with Dori and her company."

Vincent P Burger