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Why a loyalty program for house cleaning? Aren't there enough of them?  What's the big deal with a loyalty program anyway?  Now it's just one other thing I have to manage in my already busy life! NOT AT ALL!!!! We manage it for you!

One thing I have learned over the years of residential and commercial cleaning, the customer puts a lot at risk.  Home owners take a chance on us, take a chance on leaving people unattended in their home, take a chance with their most valuable possessions, including pets! and hope that they have made a good decision with money well spent.

It's my goal to recognize and reward, YOU, the customer, with this program you receive a point for each dollar spent, and they never expire!  Use points towards discounts at any time or keep collecting to reach higher discounts through the three tiers Shine, Sparkle, and Dazzle! Discounts on other services, too, such as: window cleaning, organization, and deep/spring cleaning.


Watch for discounts! they come via email and text.  If you ever have questions feel free to reach out! 

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