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Spring Cleaning "To Do's" that don't get done!

The oven! Oven cleaning can be the easiest item to clean. Hit the start button, and let it run, but then why do we wait? It heats up the entire house, and in Arizona who needs the additional warmth, right? Another reason, we have to wipe it out after it's done, and that requires an additional step! And of course, to leave the racks or not leave the racks? The question of all time oven cleaning! Yes you can, BUT it will damage the racks and remove the lubrication. And of course there's always the question, do I even use the self cleaning oven because I have heard it's not safe? Have you looked at the ingredients in the oven spray?

Mold! And mold springs (literally) up everywhere in a bathroom, primarily in the shower and base of the toilet. The best way to prevent mold is to squeegee and spray bleach regularly. Even with these preventative measures you may find it creeping back in. Every so often it's best to remove and recaulk!

High ledges! About 85% of the houses in Arizona have those "decorative" high ledges; ranging from 8ft upwards to 16ft. If you have seen some of our Facebook posts you are well aware there is no fear climbing up and on them to rid of bugs and dust. This includes those high window sills too! It requires a super tall ladder and lots of cleaning products to remove the years of build up.

Baseboards! As these also range in size and detail they can be quite a cumbersome project for most families. The easy ones to clean are on the hard tile, go to the carpeted rooms and you may find quite a bit more dust. Using a tooth brush on the top and bottom (where the baseboard sits to the floor) will ensure that all the dirt and grime is removed. Depending on how much elbow grease goes into this project will determine how strong the product is you should use. Baseboards are time consuming (and back breaking) to clean! They can be a costly project for a cleaning company to take on, at the end of the day, it is worth it!!

Check back tomorrow for some other Spring Cleaning "To do's"!

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