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Cleaning out COVID-19

In this current climate we are committed to keeping our clients and staff healthy and safe while providing services in our client’s homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have always used commercial grade cleaning products that disinfect and sanitize surfaces with a base of peroxide and bleach. Our protocol for cleaning ensures our processes and equipment are safe to be in your home as well as meeting guidelines of the CDC.

Our employees have always participated in wearing gloves, washing hands, and being conscientious while cleaning. We bring masks and are most comfortable wearing them in our customers homes if needed.

We work less in teams and more one on one with our clients, which allows for us to abide by the social distancing order. Less people cleaning in your home means better protection for you, the client. This is also nothing new, as our business model has always been only one person assigned to a client's home. Our training procedures have gone to an online approach and video chat. While cleaning, our supervisors have the ability to inspect without being physically in a room.

We educate and implement the CDC procedures and recommendations during this time for our business and customer safety.

We look forward to hearing from you, and earning your trust and business.

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