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Distinctive Cleaning Standards with COVID-19 Virus

With America in the midst of a pandemic and the implementation of “social distancing”, lives are changing, our economy is under stress, and businesses are unsure of how this will determine their future, including my own.

As a small business owner with quite a bit of everyday contact within my clients lives how do I ensure their safety and the imperative safety of my employees, while still being able to ensure their jobs from day to day? So, the question remains, in a society that is social distancing itself is hiring a cleaning company for your home safe?

If you ask my employees, they will tell you there are processes for the processes. There is protocol for the protocol. On an average cleaning day, those may not seem so important, but now, with COVID-19, having implemented them some time ago, there is less of reactive measures and more of proactive.

Consider this, if anyone one of us is social distancing, we are still out and about, touching door handles, pumping gas, walking over surfaces with our shoes, and according to the CDC, the virus can live on certain surfaces for up to three days!

Let me ask you this, where is the first place you go when you come in from being outside all day? Possibly the bathroom? Your bedroom? What do you touch first? The refrigerator doors, if you’re hungry, maybe the back-sliding door to let your furry family members out? Did you wipe it after? Did you even remember to?

That is why it is so important to have a professional cleaning service right now. We think of all these things, when we clean. We clean the door handles throughout your house, and the door frame you lean on when you’re standing outside of your kid’s room. We disinfect the stove knobs, pull them off actually, we clean the vents in your house that circulate germs and bacteria, and we sanitize the floor that has been walked on over a thousand times from the grocery store to the car to kitchen and we know the products to use!

Here are some processes that we as a company have in place for situations such as these.

1. Prior to arriving to a client’s homes all items used to clean with are disinfected and sanitized, this includes, the legs of the ladders, vacuum beater bars, vacuum and kit wheels, mop bucket and ringer

2. Our vacuums are emptied, sanitized, and disinfected after every client visit

3. We NEVER use dirty rags, or mop heads or reuse them at a new client’s house

4. We ALWAYS use paper towels to clean a toilet and any surface around the toilet

5. Our scrubbies and rinse rags are thrown away after each client’s house, as now those items are considered biohazard waste

6. We place our cleaning bottles on a rag before setting them down

7. Our cleaning bottles are disinfected

8. Sanitize all cleaning tools after every house

And these are just a few!

As I mentioned above, with the onset of the COVID-19 (#COVID-19) virus I did not need to implement “new” trainings with my employees, only reinforce what they already knew and ensure the seriousness of this situation that the guidelines are being follow

ed. I have multiple training videos that all my employees watch upon being hired to ensure they have a full understanding of the level of clean that is applied to every home

The comfort and feeling of reassurance when having your home cleaned shouldn’t have to change through this pandemic, with proper disinfecting and sanitizing by a professional, each client should not ever feel uncomfortable with a cleaning service even in times such as these. DCMS employees even practice social distancing while cleaning your home, though most of us don’t have time to talk when we are cleaning anyway. Our clients let us know what they are comfortable with, do they prefer to be home or away? Clean a specific room first, and then the rest of the house? We make the cleaning work for our clients.

If you have not had a deep disinfecting cleaning in sometime, now may be the time to enlist for one. An overall top to bottom disinfectant cleaning can have you feeling safer in your home and protect you and your family through the COVID-19 virus. We want to make sure that through this uncertain time we are offering the best of the best cleaning standards, safety measures and healthy cleaning options for everyone.

Below are a few of the safety measures we are utilizing in the field and in our client’s homes, to limit our exposure are the following:

1. Break time in between houses, we are bringing lunch and/or social distancing when food and water is purchased

2. Washing our hands

3. Disinfecting the interior of our vehicles

4. Being more cognizant of our surroundings and how we interact while at work

We are a caring company. We care about our employees, client’s and all that surround them while we are in their home and that is something that can be shared through these unsettling times.

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