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Spring cleaning "To-Do's" that we don't want to do....continued...

The Garage! While I drive through neighborhoods and sometimes have garage envy on those that are so well kept, there are others packed out while the car sits outside getting sun damage! Today with the google, amazon, and pinterest there are literally hundreds of ideas and so many great organizing tools to get you started. The bigger issue is time! Plan on a weekend! And if time isn't what you have call an organizing company or us! In the meantime here are some articles to get you started!

The Kitchen Pantry! It is similar to a garage but for the kitchen. A deep shelving system (not to mention the shelves are painted and too high) of utter mess. I know, I have cleaned and organized a few myself. First, we put too much on the floor, dog food, soda cans, bottled water, and then there's the "trap" right next to the food! We all want this kitchen! It takes a lot of planning and organization to achieve it. The pantry is where it all begins! The vast amount of sorted containers, shelving, boxes, and varied amounts of storage allow for an abundance of creativity. If you're renting, no fear, there's hope for you too! Measure the distance between the shelving, measure the width and depth. Note the items you want to put in the pantry and begin the onslaught of searching the world wide web. You honestly don't even need to leave the house to plan for this project!

Each shelf should have its own "duty" assigned to it. If you want your kids to reach the snacks, keep them low, and it not, put them up higher. If they are low, are they easily accessible from containers or more of a locking mechanism? In the end, keep it simple. Have everyone help, labeling, throwing away anything from over a year ago, and maybe even repaint those shelves!

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